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10 Tips to Increase Wellness
& Wellbeing

Life presents you with many choices everyday. Getting well and staying well is probably one of the most important lifestyle choices you can make. Your path to better health and vitality begins with a choice to permanently incorporate healthy activities and positive attitudes.

1. Choose To Get Well And Stay Well

Life presents you with choices everyday and getting well and staying well is probably one of the most important choices to make. Your path to better health and vitality begins with a choice to permanently incorporate activities into your day and week to increase your wellness and wellbeing.

2. Adopt A Responsible Wellness Attitude

Remember a time when you were at optimum health or consider people you know of who seem stable and healthy. What did you do or what do they do to achieve this? Get into this mindset. Familiarize yourself with books and articles on well-being and general health. Remain aware of foods, activities and lifestyle habits that will increase your energy and immunity.

3. Understand How Your Body Works

We live in an amazing thing called a human body and our organs work for us all the time, but what do they actually do? Expand your knowledge on what your organs do for you, how your bones and tissues function. You will feel more capable of achieving and maintaining wellness at least by knowing more about how your body works.

4 Select Your Wellness Professionals

Build your team of professionals interested in promoting your wellbeing, people that you like and trust. Let these people be an integral part of your life not just those you see a couple times a year. Let them remind you to stay in a healthy flow.

5. Get Balanced

What is the top secret to a healthy mind and body? Keeping your energy flowing and free of energy blocks. Stress, an unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits can lead to unbalanced energy and cause energy blocks. Energy blocks cause emotional and physical problems. Having a ‘Kinesiology balance’ regularly will bring about and maintain free flowing energy.

6. Keep Active

If you exercise your body adequately every day, you're on your way to improving and maintaining wellness and well-being. Puff yourself out once a day. Keep your muscles flexible, stretched and strong with appropriate activities like walking daily and doing yoga weekly.

7. Eat And Drink Good Food

Almost everything we eat is full of unnatural additives that will reduce your level of health and therefore your energy. Take a look at your cupboards and fridge and see what is canned or packaged as opposed to fresh; consider the tea, coffee and alcohol you consume in comparison to water and herb teas. The cells in your body are continually replaced and renewed- give it good stuff to use.

8. Get Plenty of Sleep

When you don't get enough sleep, your system starts to deteriorate. Orient your activities so you can go to sleep well before midnight, at 10pm if you can manage it. Take 20 minute power naps during the day. Sleep in general heals your body and keeps your mind more positive and alert. Having rested, you then have the energy to prepare good meals and take care of yourself better.

9. Keep Well Company

If you're around people who have habits that appear more like self-abuse rather than self-nurturing, your choice for wellness can seem less important. Look at the company you keep and the environments you frequent and choose those that support you.

10. Smile

The best way to keep up your wellness habit is to go places and eat things and participate in activities you ACTUALLY ENJOY doing.

-If you think walking is boring, cycle instead;

-If an enclosed space to exercise feels isolating- put yourself in a scenic, pleasant environment you can look forward to being in;

-If eating steamed veges seems like a drag, find some yummy, quick recipes;

-If there's a health professional who seems a little detached and clinical, find somebody whose consultation you enjoy.

You can make your road to wellness one that makes you smile : )